Biography of Sayyed Hashem Haddad (The Spiritual Master of Ayatollah Mohammad Saleh Komeily)

Sayyed Hassan the grandfather of Sayyed Hashem Haddad departed from India to Karbala. Where he was born and died. He was a blacksmith (Haddad in Arabic means blacksmith or farrier) and he lived a poor life. He never asked anyone anything and even would share whatever he had with the needy. It has been said that he did not react to one of his relatives who wanted to disturb him and let him empty himself because he was able to control himself to not react in anger and this made him progressive in Irfan. Generally, he used to not talk a lot. He was interested in the poems of Bin Ibne Farid and read them. Poems of Bin Ibne Farid in love and monotheism are similar to poems of Hafez in Persian.

Haddad began his education in Karbala and went to Najaf to continue his education. He took a room in the Hindi school and it was there that he found Sayyed Ali Qadi Tabatabaei the most famous Shia mystic and associated with him for 28 years in Karbala and Najaf. He studied in Karbala and Najaf but he did not wear the dress of clergymen. Finally, He passed away in Karbala during the holy month of Ramadan 1984 and was buried in Wadi al-Safa Cemetery.

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