Biography of Ayatollah Mohammad Saleh Komeily

Ayatollah Mohammad Saleh Komeily was born in 1941 during his father’s residence in the city of Samarra in the shadow of two holy shrines of Imam Hadi and Imam Hassan Askari (peace be upon them).

Due to knowledge and virtue of his father, he started reading and writing at the age of five. He officially began seminary religious courses at the Samarra Mirza Shirazi Theology School at the age of ten. Afterwards, he moved to the most reputable and famous Shia seminary school in the city of Najaf where sacred shrine of first Shia Imam Ali (peace be upon him) is located. During his studies, he participated in the lectures of following Grand Ayatollahs:

-Ayatollah Mirza Ahmad Tabrizi (may Allah have mercy on him)

-Ayatollah Muhammad Davari Isfahani (may Allah have mercy on him)

-Ayatollah Mirza Ali Tabrizi Gharawi (may Allah have mercy on him)

-Ayatollah Hajji Sheikh Mujtaba Lankrani (may Allah have mercy on him)

-Grand Ayatollah Mirza Baqer Zanjani (may Allah have mercy on him)

-Imam Khomeini (may Allah have mercy on him)

-Grand Ayatollah Hajji Sayyed Abu-Al-Qasim Khoei (may Allah have mercy on him)

When he spent holy month of Ramadan in Lebanon for promotional mission of Shia Muslims in the Teminin al-Takta village, consequently, the people of the village signed a petition to the Grand Ayatollah Sayyed Mohsen Hakim (may Allah have mercy on him) in Najaf, requesting that they do not have a cleric in this area and demanded to assign him as a cleric for their town, thus Grand Ayatollah Hakim accepted.

He served about eight years in Lebanon which were coincided by Imam Musa Sadr. He continued his political and social activities in Lebanon and seven other foreign countries such as Egypt, Pakistan and other countries He migrated to Iran and settled in Qom in 1978, where he has been teaching in many schools and classes for men and women. He also wrote many articles and books and the most prominent area of his expertise is mysticism (Irfan). His teacher in the area of Irfan was Sayyed Hashem Haddad a mystic of 14th century and a great disciple and spiritual successor of Sayyed Ali Qadi the most famous Shia mystic.

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