The Thirty-third subject: Repeat of repentance

Holly traveler at first of his traversing need to repent. Whenever he committed a sin, need to repent and perform ablution. Actually darkness of the sin will be cleaned from his heart, if performed ablution and repented and prayed two postures for his God. It will be more useful if sometimes pray these two postures in the way that SHEIKH ABBAS GHOMI has stated in MAFATIHOLJANAN as the deeds for Sunday of beginning of the ZULQIDA’s month. The holly travelers must in this relation read the MONAJATOL TAEBIN or HAZIN prayer or some other prayers that are suitable with their conditions. These prayers are seriously useful for them.

 Ayatollah Muhammad Saleh Komeily ( God graciously preserves him)Al-matalib Al-solokieh

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