The thirty-sixth matter: veils of the self

The holly traveler at first of his traveling will see some veils of darkness. In this state he should recognize these veils and emancipate himself from them. After that holly traveler will see the veils of light. meanwhile, he should recognize them exactly and not to be fascinated by them until emancipate himself from them. The best example for these matter is some lights that holly traveler will see in his unveilings of inspiration and sometimes may attend to them because of his neglect and ignorance in a way that thinks these lights are the final purpose of traveling. In holly Quran and Hadith these lights are noted, as in Monajatol Shabanie is stated that:“O’ God, please illuminate the eyes of our hearts by light of the attention that is toward you holly God, in a way that eyes of hearts annihilate the veils of light and connect to your magnificence and our spirits arrive to God”.

Ayatollah Muhammad Saleh Komeily ( God graciously preserves him)Al-matalib Al-solokieh

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