The Thirty-seventh subject:The effort for livelihood

Some of peoples believe that avoidance of lower world means failure to try and effort or mortification, meanwhile he should provide alimony of his family and on the other hand enforcement of some works is only depended on spending money. Yes, decrease of wealth for those that are at beginning of the traveling is necessary, because it amuse them but it must be known that it is relate to heart cleaving, not any other. Therefore if you have evicted worldly ties from your heart and gracious God wanted to give you the entire world, it has no harm for your traveling, and just like the “prophet Solomon” that Gracious God gave him kingdom of the earth. There are some hadiths that are related to this subject:Imam SADEGH (peace be on him) has said: our holly prophet was living in an age that famine and economical problems was suffering the peoples but if the conditions of the society change, and wealth and convenience prevail on society, the righteous peoples and men of faith and Muslims are more deserving of unfaithful and hypocrites and sinners for using from worldly bounty.As well he (peace upon him) has said: our way of life is so that if the gracious God made the conditions of life difficult for us we as well make the conditions difficult for ourselves and if the gracious God made the conditions of life convenience, we as well make the conditions convenience for ourselves. The Gracious god created the world and its benefactions for faithful, not unfaithful because the unfaithful man has no value for the gracious God.As well he (peace upon him) has said: when the SALMAN was giving his share from treasury, was saving his subsistence for one year and when the people were asking him that why you are doing so while you are a saintly man, he was answering them that: why you think that I may die, while do not think that I may survive? Certainly imperative soul when has no mainstay in livelihood, makes worriment for his owner but when his livelihood was supported, its soul get calm and staid. Even ABOOZAR was saving some sheep for supply of livelihood requirements.

Ayatollah Muhammad Saleh Komeily ( God graciously preserves him)Al-matalib Al-solokieh

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