The Thirty-ninth subject: The habit of dutifulness

Trying and making the habit of doing incumbents and avoiding prohibited acts and taboos is urgent for achieving the habit of dutifulness and fairness for men and women. Although existence of this habit is not necessary for accept of worships by God, like existence of justice for judges or congregational Imams or “Marja Taqlids” but in practical mysticism it should be noted that if the heart of human at the time of worshiping is not luminous, it cause no substantive change for traveler, because these works are only doing by habit and for fixing the religious duty.Yes the dutifulness has some degrees and traveler in high degrees of it, impact from his lightness and evolves by it. more over obviously the gracious God is the best assistant in this way.

Ayatollah Mohammad Saleh Komeily (God graciously preserves him.)Al-matalib al-solokieh

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