The Forty-third Subject: The Ultimate of Spiritual wayfaring

mystic once said that the goal (of spiritual wayfaring) is the self-knowledge which will be gradually achieved. Firstly, one must detach from the physical and sensory world, moving towards the imaginary realm (the intermediate suppressive world). Then, by way of regular contemplation, one will be able to achieve the shift from the imaginary realm towards the (spiritual) world of reality and witnessing. A novice mystical traveler at the beginning will reflect on death and its consequences until he will be capable to move to the second realm which is the intermediary world. Contemplation at this level is about the reality of the soul and the thoughts of a mystical traveler will be concentrated on his inward affairs. A mystical traveler must know that to reach the goal; attaining the station of monotheism, it is an internal, not external journey and he needs regular contemplation and reminding until this turns into a routine. It is in this state he will understand that, he has lived in the realm of imagination and delusion. He will remove imaginations and illusions by constantly contemplating. Through this order, his manner of thinking will be changed completely. He will understand that except for God, others are nothing and do not have the authenticity of the absolute being. With practice, this contemplation will become routine. So then, the reality of objects and his soul will be discovered and he will move from the theoretical knowledge to the real and (spiritual) visible practical level and in this state, he will acclaim “There is no-one at home(universe) but the Lord(God)”.

Ayatollah Mohammad Saleh Komeily (God graciously preserves him.)Al-matalib al-solokieh

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