The Forty-fourth Subject: Divine Law, Spiritual Way, and Truth

Divine law, the spiritual way, and truth are triple interconnected and cannot be separated for mystical travelers in the practice of spiritual wayfaring. Achieving the highest rank in the mysticism without adhering to the rules of divine law is impossible. Thus, the divine law’s scholars have a higher chance of success due to their practical regard for wayfaring and improvement in this important and perilous path. A mystical master dedicates himself to holy divine law and every very word that he utters to his disciples is based on principles of divine law. The reason is that the general principle in this path is that a mystical traveler by adapting all he does in accordance with the divine law will be a member of spiritual journeying and wayfaring. In other words, the way to attain truth in nearness to God and perfection is to follow the divine law and no other. Indeed, this principle is the criterion for mystical travelers who are in the correct spiritual wayfaring in comparison with other inner journeys. Therefore, everyone who does not agree with us in this base and belief has notice to this matter. it is true that one who studies religious science may not adhere to internal wayfarings but for one who wants to follow the proper inner journey it is necessary have adherence to the tenets of divine law. If one fails to adhere to the tenets of divine law he has deviated from the correct path.

Ayatollah Mohammad Saleh Komeily (God graciously preserves him.)Al-matalib al-solokieh

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