The Fortieth subject: General and public advises

Here I am advising all of travelers generally and the travelers associated with me particularly, to the underneath matters:

1. The traveler in way of reaching to his purpose, should pace on strongly and do not abandon his psyche without observation and do not let to doubtfulness to enter to his heart and mind.

2. The traveler should think about his soul and his essence and ways of identifying his soul deeply and think to this fact that the Gracious God is permanently with him and he should know that he is the owner of a valuable heavenly and divine treasure and achieving to this treasure is depended on him and is achieving by attending to inside. Considering this fact cause his enrichment and not paying attention to others or harkening to others. In a poem that is attributed to Imam ALI (peace be upon him) it is said that: O man, have you thought that you are a little and worthless, while the biggest world is hidden inside you? You are the luminous and clear book of the gracious God, in a way that by knowing the letters of this book the concealed mysteries of the higher world is discovering.

3. The traveler should not want and adopt anything less than meeting and joining to the merciful God and prefer God willing on his idle desires. The holly God in a sacred HADITH is said that: both you and me take a decision but do not occur anything other than what I wanted.

4. Tolerating oppression of the‌ humans lead to destroying the egoism and burnishing the spirit, therefore appreciate it.

5. Increase or decrease of the rosary should be only under supervision of the master not any others. Staying on this matter is for avoiding destruction of the positive effects of act of remembrance of merciful God.

Ayatollah Mohammad Saleh Komeily (God graciously preserves him.)Al-matalib al-solokieh

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