The Fiftieth subject: The memories of the master

In the final subject I would speak of some memories of the master who opened the door of mysticism to my heart in order to repay some of the rights that my master Seyyed Hâshim Haddâd (PBUH) has given me and also because this will be a way that mystical travelers can follow. He (PBUH) always was in an ecstatic absorption of God. He used to have nocturnal orisons of ritual prayer, reflection and invocation of God. He was kind and affectionate toward his spiritual disciples. He had forbearance and leniency with them and he considered them as his real children. When we prayed behind him it caused our souls to fly in the real sky of love and mysticism. He used to sit with us with humility. Sitting with him caused any sadness and sorrow in your heart to be changed to calmness, peace and stillness. He had a spiritual attraction and held sway in the souls of his spiritual disciples. No one knew him except those who knew mysticism. He had self-observation, a divine presence and a deep heavenly luminosity in the profound depths of his heart. His master Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Ghâzi (PBUH) told him “O Seyyed Hâshim! There will come a day on which groups of people from different parts of the world will kiss the threshold of your home.

The author says this fact happens these days and it is growing day by day, I myself when I had been ennobled to Karbala saw people who were asking for the address of his noble tomb which is in Wadi al-Salam cemetery and they were looking for the house of Haddâd (PBUH) which is actually located in the street of Abbas (PBUH) in the front of the town hall.

At the end of the texts I will recall my master with poems of Ibn Farid:

I watch your beauty in detail, so it is enjoyable my submission and servility to you in love.
And I miss your home where you are, and if you would not be, I would not appetite for the reminiscence of a residence.
How many nights I have passed enjoying life but the observer is alone.

And my regular drink was (spiritual)wine, and my beloved was my companion giving me cups of joy.
And I have achieved more than what I hoped for. O, how great it would be if this lasts for me.
He who does not know the meaning of love reproaches me, how it is possible to compare the states of he who is madly in love with another who is free from love.
So leave me alone with the one whom I love because the jelous one died and the observer became hidden in upon my arrival.

Ayatollah Mohammad Saleh Komeily (God graciously preserves him.)
Al-matalib al-solokieh

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