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Discover the charming world of Animal Crossing, build your very own little island, make friends with cute neighbours, go fishing, take up gardening and even dig up fossils and bones to build up your town’s museum, there are so many things to do, people to see and tasks to complete as you build your very own little piece of paradise. Keep up to date with all popular Nintendo Switch games and latest releases; pre-order nintendo switch games to make sure you get yours first!

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9.29 Excellent rating (50k+ sales in the last 6 months)
Rally the troops! Advance Wars is marching to Nintendo Switch as Advance Wars 1+2: Re-Boot Camp!
Card balances do not expire, and there are no fees associated with the card. This card is non-reloadable.
Sadly I have no money to spend on games due to sky walker saga coming soon and Walmart charging me 65$ for Kirby. Like I get the 60 dollar price instead of fifty but five dollars in tax. That’s twelve percent of the entire price. There is legit no benefit to going physical over digital for me now.
Part of the appeal of racing games, historically, is their ability to show off a system’s graphical capabilities. Forza and Gran Turismo today pride themselves on their photorealism. F-Zero blew players away when it launched alongside the SNES because it was basically a demo for the system’s vaunted Mode 7 graphics, which simulated a 3D perspective by creating a background layer that could rotate and change in size. The actual game underneath the graphics is a barebones racer gussied up with a slick sci-fi aesthetic and technology that hasn’t broken any ground in over 25 years. There’s nothing terribly bad about F-Zero, there’s just not much to it.
It’s new game time! Nintendo Switch has quite a few new games coming out this month, and we’ve gathered them in one list for you! Whether they’re new games or refreshed takes on some old favorites, here are all of the Switch games scheduled for release this month!
There isn’t too much of a difference in docked mode, but the title itself feels like it was designed to be a handheld experience much like the Harvest Moon titles on the Gameboy Color. Granted, the game is much more than a farming simulator, but the core features of the gameplay are objectively better in the palm of a player’s hand.
Answered 3 years ago · Author has 4.3K answers and 9.2M answer views
Nintendo Co., Ltd. is a Japanese multinational consumer electronics and video game company headquartered in Kyoto. Nintendo is one of the world’s largest video game companies by market capitalization, creating some of the best-known and top-selling video game franchises of all-time, such as Mario, The Legend of Zelda, and Pokémon. Supplemented since the 1980s by its major divisions Nintendo of America and Nintendo of Europe, it ultimately became one of the most influential in the industry and one of Japan’s most-valuable companies with a market value of over $37 billion in 2018.
Better yet, you won’t have to worry about the games freezing like they did in the old days. You’re even able to save your game and rewind if you mess up! Sega Genesis Classics is a nostalgia trip that’s totally worth the price.
@retro_player_22 indeed. Tho The Messenger isn’t quite a breeze… it took me about 15 hours I’d say! I almost gave up on it due to the length:/ but I’m glad I stuck with it!
The basics: Baba is a rabbit. Move Baba to a flag to complete a map. But moving blocks of words on the map (like “Wall is Stop”) will change the parameters of what Baba is capable of (or even change Baba himself).
Escape to a deserted island and create your own paradise as you explore, create, and customize in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.
Is that an odd picture for Edith Finch or is it me?
For those who love nothing more than being able to game on the go; the Nintendo Switch Lite is made just for you. Compact and delightfully lightweight, you’ll have no trouble popping your Nintendo Switch Lite in your bag and then jumping straight in to your favourite games wherever you are. With built-in controllers and a 3-7 hours of battery life dedicated to giving you long-lasting screen play whilst you’re out and about.
Don’t know how well Loop hero plays on console, but I’d still recommend this a lot
The card balance may only be used on a single Nintendo eShop account.
We’ve updated our returns policy in response to Covid-19. Learn more here
Please visit for more information.
Inspired by shooters of the 80s, Eschantos is a speedy shoot’em up game. Take down that massive ship that showers bullets on you, the relentless action just doesn’t stop. Make use of the special shield system to create an opening for you to attack. This brand new Shield System isn’t just for defense, switch it on, barge your way to the boss and open fire. Since it’s a tribute to the classics, the graphics and the music are completely loyal to the era, but the gameplay and the breakneck speed pose a challenge to all the impatient and confident modern gamers.
Question: They updated the description on these cards to say they work with the swtich. i just chated with nintendo and they could not confirm this. anyone?
There’ll still be there on Monday, of course. They’ll just cost more. Check out the full list of available games on Nintendo’s website.
Likewise, as you can see above, Nintendo memberships are divided into regions that grant accessibility to the aforementioned memberships for citizens of the specific region. For instance, if you live outside of the US, then you will not be able to purchase and/or use the subscription. 
There aren’t many options when it comes to free racing games for the Switch; luckily Asphalt 9 is a solid offering that should provide you with plenty of high-speed thrills. Starting with a humble Mitsubishi, you need to win races to earn blueprints for new and better motors, and with 84 cars available you’ll have to do some serious driving to fill out your garage. It’s free to play but if you want to give yourself a bit more of an edge you can spend money to upgrade your cars and get a vital performance boost.
^ Burman, Rob. “‘Dream Events’ in Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games”. IGN. Retrieved 18 June 2016.
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Kingdom Come: Deliverance Royal Edition Steam Key GLOBAL
You can also snag a copy of the upcoming exclusive Kirby and the Forgotten Land for $45 at Daily Steals with promo code GSKIRBY. It’s important to note that this deal applies to the EU edition, but besides the different ratings label, it’s the same exact game and is playable on NA Switch consoles.
Granted, there’s been a lot of drama about the fact that not every single Pokémon from every previous game is available in Sword and Shield. But if that’s not a deal-breaker for you, you’ll find a really delightful journey here. The game’s new region, Galar, is inspired by the United Kingdom, with all its rolling hills, lakes, and forests just teeming with adorable beasties.
The product names used on this website are for identification purposes only. All trademarks and registered trademarks are the property of their respective owners.
The Nintendo eShop is a digital distribution service powered by the Nintendo Network for the Nintendo 3DS, Wii U, and Nintendo Switch and by a dedicated online infrastructure for the Nintendo Switch.
On March 17, 2015, after suddenly announcing their business partnership venture with DeNA, Nintendo stated that they were working with them on a new, cross-platform membership service called My Nintendo to supersede Club Nintendo for the Wii U, Nintendo 3DS, and Nintendo Switch, alongside other devices such as tablets, smartphones and PCs. It was initially launched in Japan on March 17, 2016, alongside Nintendo’s first mobile title, Miitomo.[4]
Yeah, not surprised by Smash being number 1. NintendoLife basically worships Smash.
@Jayofmaya No problem. I’ve not actually played CTR and I’ve played MK8 to death both versions. How does CTR compare?
A must-have for any Zelda fan, Cadence of Hyrule is an awesome rhythm-based game that’s hard to put down. It’s essentially a Zelda-themed Crypt of the NecroDancer game, and every beat is a chance to retreat from (or attack) enemies as you attempt to save Hyrule as Link or Princess Zelda. For now, the game is only available digitally, but you can preorder a physical copy here.
Mario Kart 64 is the first game in the series to let players drive with an analogue stick, and it’s better for it. It’s fast-paced, easy to control, and houses some fan-favorite courses. But the real reason to pick up Mario Kart 64 on Switch Online is the battle mode.
Into the Breach is an addictive turn-based strategy game that comes from the creators of FTL: Faster Than Light. 
Nintendo announced a diverse lineup of new games and content arriving for the Nintendo Switch system. Find your next favorite in this pipin’-hot batch of fresh games.
How is it possible to get free Nintendo eshop codes?
Want to know what the best Nintendo Switch Lite games are? We’re here to give you some expert opinion and sort you out with some top choices that’ll go perfectly with the basic handheld version of the Nintendo Switch. 
Release Date: October 18, 2019 | Developer: Nintendo | Last position: 25 | IGN’s Ring Fit Adventure Video Review | IGN’s Ring Fit Adventure Wiki
What is it? Tetris, but battle royale. No, I’m not joking. 
I’m currently replaying Celeste, I never finished the B-sides and now that the moon level happened, I’m going through the whole thing
In the co-op mode, one player is Mario and the other is his hat, Cappy. There are special abilities a player has as Cappy that make it different from co-op in other Mario games for experienced Mario players.
Choose your racer and your kart and put the pedal to the metal! Get the whole family together and see who will win in this classic racing favorite.
Get a bargain from hundreds of games on offer at any time.
The Nintendo Switch version of South Park: The Fractured But Whole is no great leap on from the mechanics of the first game, but it still offers both an ideal introduction for players looking to try out a turn-based RPG and a worthy addition to any genre fan’s collection. If you never played the first instalment, and you’re a fan of Matt Stone and Trey Parker’s two-decade-long animated lampooning, then you’ll love just how authentically authentic it is. From the 2D recreation of every inch of the Colorado town (including a taco shop run by Morgan Freeman, naturally) to the unflinching satire of every demographic imaginable (a ‘Hooters’-style bar run by kids, anyone?), it’s as true to the franchise as any of its myriad TV seasons.
If you’re looking for a strategy epic with the scope of Game of Thrones (but with more tea parties), Fire Emblem: Three Houses succeeds mightily.
You can earn Gold Points worth the following percentage of the price on Nintendo eShop:
The best deal to be had is on the Mario Vintage version shown above — it’s just $15 at Amazon right now.
Getting started with the tactical RPG, out now on Nintendo Switch!
Actually, anyone who’s trying to make a few bucks on the side could benefit from reading through the tips of this article.
Whether you recognize them from Super Smash Bros. Ultimate or have never heard of them before, don’t miss the chance to play Banjo and Kazooie’s debut title on your Switch.
In the early days of the Switch, this game above all others delivered on the console’s dream: a bunch of friends, loose in the world, all crowded round a tiny screen propped up on the table in front of them while four-player chaos unfolded. If you’ve ever wondered what that stand on the back of the Switch is really for, wonder no longer. It’s for Puyo Puyo Tetris.
This article was edited by Mark Smirniotis and Arthur Gies.
Edit: Wait, when did they announce an official date for Advance Wars?
A 2D Metroid game is just the thing for your Switch Lite, and that’s exactly what Metroid Dread is. It follows the classic Metroid template – a vast 2D world to explore in which you gradually built up Samus Aran’s abilities and weaponry – and it builds up the tension by throwing in near-indestructible E.M.M.I. robots that’ll hunt Samus down, as well of course as the inevitable punishing boss fights. It’s just the right mix of exhilaration and frustration, and you won’t want to stop until you’ve uncovered every little hidden secret.

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