The Second Subject: Calamity and Pleasure

If a holy traveler is confronted with calamity, they must be satisfied instead of running away until the calamity goes away.They must not set their heart on happiness and pleasure when taking place. The reason is, when they escape from calamity, it would be converted to bitterness, and when they are proud of delight, it would be changed to misery upon them.
Imam Sadiq (PBUH) uttered, “If a believer knew what would be saved for them because of enduring calamities, they would wish to be fragmented by scissors.”

Advice of deceased great mystic Sayyad Hashem Haddad (May God have mercy on him)

The First Subject: Religious ways in Islamic mysticism

Having control over the commanding soul cannot be achieved except by accepting legitimate and right difficulties. This control leads to a practical state so that a mystical traveler can easily abandon affairs which are disagreeable to our merciful God. This state is a level that does not allow abominable inspirations entering into their heart but accepts blessings and good thoughts.

We have a hadith (sacred saying) which notes: God is zealous and does not delight in anything except His remembrance and love to enter into the heart of His creatures.

It should be noted that conversely, seeking to weaken the commanding soul and trying to control it by illegitimate, abhorred, and illicit activities is sin and has the reverse result.

Ayatollah Mohammad Saleh Komeily (God graciously preserves him)