The Seventh Subject: Consideration of the Rights of Other People

A mystical traveler encounters the rights of other people often in his daily routine, in his affairs, and in his mutual relations in both individual and social life. These affairs are related to marriage, children, parents, neighbors, friends, relatives, and all the people with whom he is in close and distant relations. Therefore, it is necessary for him to make sure that the rights of each person are respected and that no-one is trampled by him.

A holy traveler follows the path of justice. The main reason that indolence and lethargy appear in mystical traveling is the trampling of these rights, and without knowing they have done so, a mystical traveler cannot know the origin of laziness. Therefore, a mystical traveler avoids bothering others and trampling their rights even slightly. It is necessary that he makes his outward and inward correspond, and that he never transgresses the holy Islamic rules even slightly. Otherwise, he would be disgraced in the view of God, and he would not understand why until all his opportunities in life had ended.

Ayatollah Mohammad Saleh Komeily (God graciously preserves him.)
Al-matalib Al-solokieh

The Sixth Subject: The Effect of Righteous Deeds and Misdeeds

A mystical traveler must note the following point from the Holy Quran: Righteous deeds will affect one’s soul, and any light from the deed will be tenfold. Consequently, if one performs a righteous deed, they will be rewarded tenfold.

Due to the beneficence of  the glorified God, a sin is not treated likewise. When one commits a sin, the penalty will not be greater than its corresponding misdeed. Pondering this grace will create a pure effect on one’s soul.

Ayatollah Mohammad Saleh Komeily (God graciously preserves him)
Al-matalib Al-solokieh

The Fifth Subject: The Appearance of the Divine Inspirations

A holy traveler after passing the level of invocation with words to the invocation with the heart, should be waiting to receive the revelations in their heart and divine inspirations with attraction and spiritual affinity in their soul, observing the divine blessings without trying and having no difficulty.

Ayatollah Mohammad Saleh Komeily (God graciously preserves him.)
Al-matalib Al-solokieh

The Third Subject: Pondering the World’s General Affairs

Pondering the general nature of the world prevents a holy traveler from being involved in matters that are not important. A holy traveler always dedicates their thought to the existence and general affairs, like contemplating the creation of the sky, the earth, the reality of the soul, and similar topics. Hence, they will no longer pay attention to the limited desires of their soul. Therefore, they would absolutely cut themselves off from their deceiving passions and desires.

Ayatollah Mohammad Saleh Komeily (God graciously preserves him)
Al-Matalib Al-Solokieh

The Second Subject: Calamity and Pleasure

If a holy traveler is confronted with calamity, they must be satisfied instead of running away until the calamity goes away.They must not set their heart on happiness and pleasure when taking place. The reason is, when they escape from calamity, it would be converted to bitterness, and when they are proud of delight, it would be changed to misery upon them.
Imam Sadiq (PBUH) uttered, “If a believer knew what would be saved for them because of enduring calamities, they would wish to be fragmented by scissors.”

Advice of deceased great mystic Sayyad Hashem Haddad (May God have mercy on him)

The First Subject: Religious ways in Islamic mysticism

Having control over the commanding soul cannot be achieved except by accepting legitimate and right difficulties. This control leads to a practical state so that a mystical traveler can easily abandon affairs which are disagreeable to our merciful God. This state is a level that does not allow abominable inspirations entering into their heart but accepts blessings and good thoughts.

We have a hadith (sacred saying) which notes: God is zealous and does not delight in anything except His remembrance and love to enter into the heart of His creatures.

It should be noted that conversely, seeking to weaken the commanding soul and trying to control it by illegitimate, abhorred, and illicit activities is sin and has the reverse result.

Ayatollah Mohammad Saleh Komeily (God graciously preserves him)