The Thirty-fourth subject: Distracting Thoughts

The distracting thought in practical mysticism is very dangerous for holly traveler; therefore it is necessary to know its dangers and its treatment. Distracting thought is some doubts and hesitations that in many aspects of the daily living like eating drinking and some other daily works, attack to traveler and these doubts may be from his mind or express from the others. Distracting thought is dangerous and must eradicate strongly. This eradication don’t come off except by hidden assistance and glory of certainty and remembering and recalling the invocation of “لا حول و لا قوه الا بالله العلی العظیم ” and disregarding the doubts and hesitations.

Ayatollah Muhammad Saleh Komeily ( God graciously preserves him)Al-matalib Al-solokieh

The Thirty-third subject: Repeat of repentance

Holly traveler at first of his traversing need to repent. Whenever he committed a sin, need to repent and perform ablution. Actually darkness of the sin will be cleaned from his heart, if performed ablution and repented and prayed two postures for his God. It will be more useful if sometimes pray these two postures in the way that SHEIKH ABBAS GHOMI has stated in MAFATIHOLJANAN as the deeds for Sunday of beginning of the ZULQIDA’s month. The holly travelers must in this relation read the MONAJATOL TAEBIN or HAZIN prayer or some other prayers that are suitable with their conditions. These prayers are seriously useful for them.

 Ayatollah Muhammad Saleh Komeily ( God graciously preserves him)Al-matalib Al-solokieh

The Thirty-Second Subject: The Physical Disease

When a mystical traveler encounters a physical disease, he must try to treat it as much as possible. If this treatment lasts for a long time, he must appreciate it because it leads to a state of spiritual entreaty and supplication. Thus, you can observe of him that praise and invocation of God are constantly flowing from his tongue and heart and he gets accustomed to it. Likewise, it is said in hadith that moaning and groaning by a sick man and the changing his mood in the bed of sickness is itself a form of worship that leads him closer to the glorified God.
Ayatollah Mohammad Saleh Komeily (God graciously preserves him.)Al-matalib al-solokieh

The Thirty-first Subject: The Spiritual Wayfaring Of Tradesman

It’s good that the Tradesman holy traveler is looking for a job that suits his spiritual wayfaring state, in order to enable him to advance in the affire of spiritual wayfaring. Because jobs and business works that conflict with the nature of spiritual wayfaring to be transformed to a great barrier against his progress. It is advisable for holy traveler, if possible, to choose a career that focus his mind in the spiritual wayfaring, such as sewing, and he should avoid the works that makes his mind busy and disturb.

Ayatollah Muhammad Saleh Komeily ( God graciously preserves him)                 Al-matalib Al-solokieh

The Thirtieth Subject: The Traits of mystical travelers

The traveling of Divine Path have signs, effects and specifications which are referred to below, so that the mystical traveler after a while has spent in Contemplative voyage and spiritual wayfaring will measure himself with these traits. These specifications consist of:Mastery of silence and observation, transferring of invocation with the tongue to invocation with the heart, dream and veridical dream, Divine inspiration, prediction about some affairs and the attainment of some disclosures for some of the mystical travelers without having sought his own, a monotheism look at things, finding the spirit of ritual prayer and divine service in your own in other times of prayer, reading the most of Gnostic’ poems and the petitions of litany and specially reading Quran, feeling spiritual retreat, mystical compression and expanding state, essential annihilation and illuminations’ brilliance, to become satisfied and succumb to events that happen, the love of The Prophet (peace be upon him) and the infallible Imams (PBUH), especially Imam Huddein and Imam Mahdi and see that doing the recommended is not to obtain Divine reward the same, as in the past, but it originates from the internal friendship and divine love, and the other transmutations that are made for the mystical traveler in this way by following the path by the passing of time.
Ayatollah Mohammad Saleh Komeily (God graciously preserves him)                  Al-matalib Al-solokieh

The Twenty-ninth Subject:Vigil

Vigilance at last night-hours and getting up at night is the most important stipulations of the mystical traveler. And to attain the sightly purpose is impossible except with night-watching (vigil).Some of Gnostic have emphasized on rising at night, three hours before the Morning Athan in winter and an hour and a half in summer.For wakefulness at last night-hours (dawn) could get help from sleep early at night and eating little before sleeping and reading the last verse (Ayah) of sorah Kahf.

Ayatollah Mohammad Saleh Komeily (God graciously preserves him)                  Al-matalib Al-solokieh

The Twenty-Eighth Subject: The Continuance of the Righteous Deed

The duty of a mystical traveler is the continuous “jihad” (effort towards spiritual purity), the constant, importunate spiritual yearning and the steady attempt to achieve the goal. Whether the experience would end up arriving at the destination or not is another matter that is beyond the duty of the holy traveler. An Arab poet once said “It is necessary for a human to try, but not be successful.” The traveler will not leave this world except with two good results. Either martyrdom and death on the path, or achievement of the goal.

Ayatollah Mohammad Saleh Komeily ( God graciously preserves him)  Al-matalib Al-solokieh

The Twenty-seventh Subject: The Remedy of Spiritual Illnesses

The treatment of spiritual illnesses is like treating corporeal illnesses.It is desirable for mystical traveler to use the appropriate drug. For example, to eliminate stinginess, there is no way except to habituate ego to disbursing, generosity, feeding and paying attention to charities and goodnesses, and it’s not possible to obtain eliminating stinginess and creating the feeling of generosity and bounty by doing more recommended prayers and religious devotions.Eliminating neglect is like this.That’s mean it’s not possible except by converting it to its contrary. Its contrary is ego’s recollection to that he is in presence of God and angles of writer. So remedy of neglecting is not the establishment of charities, And it’s not like that to obtain the habit of divine’s presence by these works.

Ayatollah Mohammad Saleh Komeily ( God graciously preserves him)Al-matalib Al-solokieh

The Twenty-sixth Subject: Artifice In Recommended Deeds

The known proverb is that says; trope is a bridge to reach reality, by this reason it is recommended that human makes himself to crying mode in the tragedies of Imam Hussein( peace be upon him). So if mystical traveller involves himself to artificial deeds hoping that to achieve its natural and true spiritual realities, neither it’s bad for him and nor will harm to him. Some of gnostics said; if you don’t involve the soul, it would involve you.So if can’t cry, make yourself cry in confidential prayer. If the complete and perfection presence isn’t possible in Holy Sanctuary of Imams, visits them as a pilgrim in the lowest levels of presence of the heart and doesn’t deprive himself from their pilgrimage, specially, if his time is limited. this principle is also established relative to the accomplishment of necessary duties and religious devotions, because when the divine motive’s of soul to be strong, gradually leads mystical traveller to inherent and true spiritual transmutation because of his devotion and friendship.According to this subject, we say it’s not secret to mystical traveller that however, doesn’t have remedy except to accept the master’s command by obedience and complying, too. And this is because of cultivation of the soul and also, this subject is necessary in the accomplishment’s time of divine duties such as daily prayer which must do it, even if human doesn’t be in prefect readiness state of prayer.

Ayatollah Mohammad Saleh Komeily ( God graciously preserves him)                 Al-matalib Al-solokieh

The Twenty-Fifth Subject: The Types of Soul

In this context we will mention a division of soul which exists in Quran:
A) The Commanding Soul
The commanding soul is the basic nature that tempts its owner towards the many desires and orders which are not satisfied by God. The glorified God has uttered: – From Prophet Joseph Utterance- “And I do not acquit myself. Indeed, the soul is a persistent enjoiner of evil, except those upon which my Lord has mercy” 

B) The Blaming Soul
This type of soul which blames its owner while going astray and committing the juridically forbidden and reprehensible acts and all things that are not satisfied by God( Exalted is His Majesty). level of the blaming soul is higher than the commanding soul. The blaming soul would be reached after starting the act of refinement and purification of the soul. Having the excellence and value of the soul in God; so, in The Surah Al-Qiyamah God swore by that; where the mighty God has uttered: “I swear by the Day of Resurrection; And I swear by the blaming soul.”

C) The Inspired Soul
The inspired soul is a soul which a mystical traveler who by that after lots of blaming in the commanding soul would feel the power in distinguishing the right and wrong in himself. God Most High, has uttered: “O you who believe! If you obey and fear Allah, He will grant you Furqan a criterion (to judge between right and wrong).” In another verse of Quran he has uttered: “So be afraid of Allah; and Allah teaches you” God has mentioned this level of souls in The Surah Al-Shams: ” And [by] the soul and He who proportioned it; And inspired it [with discernment of] its wickedness and its righteousness”

D) The Tranquil Soul
The tranquil soul is a soul which is placed in the truthful position in the proximity of God the Omnipotent King. It is the heavenly and divine universal soul which involves the spirit of certainty. It does not have a place for doubt and uncertainty and it is solved for him the truth of pantheism authenticity. The mighty God uttered: (It will be said to the pious): “O (you) the one in (complete) rest and satisfaction “Come back to your Lord, Well-pleased (yourself) and well-pleasing unto Him!!

Ayatollah Mohammad Saleh Komeily (God graciously preserves him)                  Al-matalib Al-solokieh