The Thirty-ninth subject: The habit of dutifulness

Trying and making the habit of doing incumbents and avoiding prohibited acts and taboos is urgent for achieving the habit of dutifulness and fairness for men and women. Although existence of this habit is not necessary for accept of worships by God, like existence of justice for judges or congregational Imams or “Marja Taqlids” but in practical mysticism it should be noted that if the heart of human at the time of worshiping is not luminous, it cause no substantive change for traveler, because these works are only doing by habit and for fixing the religious duty.Yes the dutifulness has some degrees and traveler in high degrees of it, impact from his lightness and evolves by it. more over obviously the gracious God is the best assistant in this way.

Ayatollah Mohammad Saleh Komeily (God graciously preserves him.)Al-matalib al-solokieh

The Thirty-Eighth Subject: The Dangers of Unveiling of Inspiration

Unveiling of inspiration have dangers and blights which a mystical traveler has to know in order to be released from his ego’s temptation. We will mention some of these dangers here:
A) One is the difficulty in differentiating right unveiling from the wrong unveiling.
B) These unveiling of inspiration will hold a mystical traveler back from the right journey, keeping him busy whilst he should be walking the path of trust in God and monotheism. The reason for these declarations is that some of the masters used to prevent their disciples from tending to these affairs.They even sometimes prevent the state of unveiling by holding sway.
C) Some of the unveiling of inspiration are not the same as realities and Islamic Divine Law.
D) Unveiling is a kind of intrusion and influence in the order of universe and the appearance of nature.
E) Unveiling causes superiority complexes. A mystical traveler will also arrogate something that he does not have, such as it happened for Mohammad Ali Báb. He was a student of the seminary of Najaf and the futile and fictitious religion of Bahaiat originated from him.
F) An unveiling is not from reality, but instead from the imaginal world (intermediate suppressive world). Thus, it does not happen by perfect men. I also did not observe these unveiling of inspiration from my master.
G) A mystical traveler who is dedicated to divine love and right mysticism will not notice such affairs. If he observes something, without becoming fascinated by his observation, he will tell his master because he fears falling down in the place of destruction of ego.
H) Such unveiling of inspiration are also seen from those who are not saints of God. Therefore, having an unveiling is not a virtue nor a privilege.
I) Unveiling will cause a mystical traveler to be away from the world of nearness to God and mystical knowledge. This will result in him having a superiority complex and becoming arrogant. The mystical traveler in this state, instead of dedicating himself to general and destination, will be distracted by inconsequential pursuits.
J) Unveiling of inspiration are self-manifestations and there is no remedy except being treated by a master.
K) Briefly speaking, monotheist reflection and contemplating in the inner luminosity does not give a mystical traveler time to put his thoughts to unveiling of inspiration. A mystical traveler has to complete his time in a way that will leave no free time for other affairs.

Ayatollah Mohammad Saleh Komeily (God graciously preserves him.)Al-matalib al-solokieh

The Thirty-seventh subject:The effort for livelihood

Some of peoples believe that avoidance of lower world means failure to try and effort or mortification, meanwhile he should provide alimony of his family and on the other hand enforcement of some works is only depended on spending money. Yes, decrease of wealth for those that are at beginning of the traveling is necessary, because it amuse them but it must be known that it is relate to heart cleaving, not any other. Therefore if you have evicted worldly ties from your heart and gracious God wanted to give you the entire world, it has no harm for your traveling, and just like the “prophet Solomon” that Gracious God gave him kingdom of the earth. There are some hadiths that are related to this subject:Imam SADEGH (peace be on him) has said: our holly prophet was living in an age that famine and economical problems was suffering the peoples but if the conditions of the society change, and wealth and convenience prevail on society, the righteous peoples and men of faith and Muslims are more deserving of unfaithful and hypocrites and sinners for using from worldly bounty.As well he (peace upon him) has said: our way of life is so that if the gracious God made the conditions of life difficult for us we as well make the conditions difficult for ourselves and if the gracious God made the conditions of life convenience, we as well make the conditions convenience for ourselves. The Gracious god created the world and its benefactions for faithful, not unfaithful because the unfaithful man has no value for the gracious God.As well he (peace upon him) has said: when the SALMAN was giving his share from treasury, was saving his subsistence for one year and when the people were asking him that why you are doing so while you are a saintly man, he was answering them that: why you think that I may die, while do not think that I may survive? Certainly imperative soul when has no mainstay in livelihood, makes worriment for his owner but when his livelihood was supported, its soul get calm and staid. Even ABOOZAR was saving some sheep for supply of livelihood requirements.

Ayatollah Muhammad Saleh Komeily ( God graciously preserves him)Al-matalib Al-solokieh

The thirty-sixth matter: veils of the self

The holly traveler at first of his traveling will see some veils of darkness. In this state he should recognize these veils and emancipate himself from them. After that holly traveler will see the veils of light. meanwhile, he should recognize them exactly and not to be fascinated by them until emancipate himself from them. The best example for these matter is some lights that holly traveler will see in his unveilings of inspiration and sometimes may attend to them because of his neglect and ignorance in a way that thinks these lights are the final purpose of traveling. In holly Quran and Hadith these lights are noted, as in Monajatol Shabanie is stated that:“O’ God, please illuminate the eyes of our hearts by light of the attention that is toward you holly God, in a way that eyes of hearts annihilate the veils of light and connect to your magnificence and our spirits arrive to God”.

Ayatollah Muhammad Saleh Komeily ( God graciously preserves him)Al-matalib Al-solokieh

The Thirty-fifth subject: Avoidance of suspicion

Suspicion is one of important factors that lead to perishment. At the first of his journey the holly traveler, suffers from this dangerous mood and because of his pessimism, people’s deeds is false and sin on his mind while thinks his works all are correct and good. Sometimes this pessimism is about honest men or religious leaders like “marja taqlids” and speaks about them some matters that are not pleasant for gracious God. This is while we know, respecting religious leaders and religious scholars, is necessary because they are patrons of the religious divine law. If the holly traveler tried to amend his weakness and vice thereupon do not advert to the other’s vices. Time is worthy for the holly traveler, thus he does not waste his time in attending to worthless things such as people’s vices.

Ayatollah Muhammad Saleh Komeily ( God graciously preserves him)Al-matalib Al-solokieh

The Thirty-fourth subject: Distracting Thoughts

The distracting thought in practical mysticism is very dangerous for holly traveler; therefore it is necessary to know its dangers and its treatment. Distracting thought is some doubts and hesitations that in many aspects of the daily living like eating drinking and some other daily works, attack to traveler and these doubts may be from his mind or express from the others. Distracting thought is dangerous and must eradicate strongly. This eradication don’t come off except by hidden assistance and glory of certainty and remembering and recalling the invocation of “لا حول و لا قوه الا بالله العلی العظیم ” and disregarding the doubts and hesitations.

Ayatollah Muhammad Saleh Komeily ( God graciously preserves him)Al-matalib Al-solokieh

The Thirty-third subject: Repeat of repentance

Holly traveler at first of his traversing need to repent. Whenever he committed a sin, need to repent and perform ablution. Actually darkness of the sin will be cleaned from his heart, if performed ablution and repented and prayed two postures for his God. It will be more useful if sometimes pray these two postures in the way that SHEIKH ABBAS GHOMI has stated in MAFATIHOLJANAN as the deeds for Sunday of beginning of the ZULQIDA’s month. The holly travelers must in this relation read the MONAJATOL TAEBIN or HAZIN prayer or some other prayers that are suitable with their conditions. These prayers are seriously useful for them.

 Ayatollah Muhammad Saleh Komeily ( God graciously preserves him)Al-matalib Al-solokieh

The Thirty-Second Subject: The Physical Disease

When a mystical traveler encounters a physical disease, he must try to treat it as much as possible. If this treatment lasts for a long time, he must appreciate it because it leads to a state of spiritual entreaty and supplication. Thus, you can observe of him that praise and invocation of God are constantly flowing from his tongue and heart and he gets accustomed to it. Likewise, it is said in hadith that moaning and groaning by a sick man and the changing his mood in the bed of sickness is itself a form of worship that leads him closer to the glorified God.
Ayatollah Mohammad Saleh Komeily (God graciously preserves him.)Al-matalib al-solokieh

The Thirty-first Subject: The Spiritual Wayfaring Of Tradesman

It’s good that the Tradesman holy traveler is looking for a job that suits his spiritual wayfaring state, in order to enable him to advance in the affire of spiritual wayfaring. Because jobs and business works that conflict with the nature of spiritual wayfaring to be transformed to a great barrier against his progress. It is advisable for holy traveler, if possible, to choose a career that focus his mind in the spiritual wayfaring, such as sewing, and he should avoid the works that makes his mind busy and disturb.

Ayatollah Muhammad Saleh Komeily ( God graciously preserves him)                 Al-matalib Al-solokieh

The Thirtieth Subject: The Traits of mystical travelers

The traveling of Divine Path have signs, effects and specifications which are referred to below, so that the mystical traveler after a while has spent in Contemplative voyage and spiritual wayfaring will measure himself with these traits. These specifications consist of:Mastery of silence and observation, transferring of invocation with the tongue to invocation with the heart, dream and veridical dream, Divine inspiration, prediction about some affairs and the attainment of some disclosures for some of the mystical travelers without having sought his own, a monotheism look at things, finding the spirit of ritual prayer and divine service in your own in other times of prayer, reading the most of Gnostic’ poems and the petitions of litany and specially reading Quran, feeling spiritual retreat, mystical compression and expanding state, essential annihilation and illuminations’ brilliance, to become satisfied and succumb to events that happen, the love of The Prophet (peace be upon him) and the infallible Imams (PBUH), especially Imam Huddein and Imam Mahdi and see that doing the recommended is not to obtain Divine reward the same, as in the past, but it originates from the internal friendship and divine love, and the other transmutations that are made for the mystical traveler in this way by following the path by the passing of time.
Ayatollah Mohammad Saleh Komeily (God graciously preserves him)                  Al-matalib Al-solokieh